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Do you use the internet to find products or services? 

Based on 2010 figures published by the National Statistics Office, 60 percent of adults in the UK use the internet daily and 73 percent of UK households have internet access.

Having your own website  advertising your products or services can be much cheaper than traditional methods and gives you a much larger audience.  How many people use a 'phone book' to find a product or service nowadays?  Do you ?

You don't need to be a computer expert, or even own a computer to have your own website. Once setup, your site will be available to a World Wide audience 24 hours - 365 days a year. Furthermore, it can be updated or changed at any time either by me or if requested from the outset, by yourself.

Why not have a browse around the site - see what can be done for you at very reasonable rates.  Also have a look at my portfolio - get an idea of what I have done for others - both locally and nationally.  When it comes to web design / web hosting, your location is irrelevant when choosing someone to do the work for you. Everything can be done via email / telephone. Of course, I am always happy to meet up with you if required. Distance no object.

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